This blog is dedicated to my dream lifetime ride I had in June 2009.. On bike from Mumbai - Leh - Mumbai We four (Me, Gopi, Winzee & Prasad) conquered the worlds 3 highest motorable roads on the smallest vehicle on the Road- The MotorCycle

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 5 to Day 6 (10th June - 11th June)

Day 5 : 10th June 2009 (Destination : Mandi, Distance Covered : 220kms)

Today we are suppose to leave for Manali. Our last destination before the himalayas will start. Its Gopis Birthday also, so we are obliged to celebrate & take a treat from Mr. Gopi. It was quiet late by the time we woke up. The sun had come exactly on its proper position to attack us. We left by 12pm from Chandigarh after a lazy morning. Too hot was it. After riding for a while we came across really bad roads & the much worst off-roading started. This was all due the road constructions going by. Roads where very bad.. We rode like this for around approximate 50 kms. Each of us where sweating like hell, we all of us had eaten nearly 2kgs of dust ;) . Thanks to Balaclava, which helped us protecting from really hell lot of dust. Its a must on long drives. We took a small halt for a cold-drink break. There was a drink, which involved Soda & some masala, called as "Shikanji", this really helps you to cool down wonderfully. So thought of having that & halt means some posergari.. Here we go with that..!

And then resumed our riding and again the bad roads too resumed. Suddenly on the way we spotted a nice river "Sutlej". The guyz just went out of control & Prasad was desperate to get himself dipped into the water. So followed the other guyz. Finding this wonderful river suddenly after the worst roads, dust floating around, our body sweating like crazy.. was indeed a boon.

Gopi & Prasad where unstoppable & quickly got undressed, ofcourse with the last piece of cloth on the body to ensure the people passing by dont get faint. I was out for clicking their snaps. The water was amazingly chilled, I sat dipping my feet inside the water for some Kingfisher calendar shoot.

The first model..

Later even winzee got tempted & dived inside in his one piece. They all had a real blast, I was regretting being out, but else this pix wouldnt have been there.


The three musketeers..

Finally atleast my one pic..

After getting satisfied by the river, we again resumed our journey. Our plan was to reach Manali & we thought we can easily do it, as we lot of time till it starts getting darker.
In a short while nice mountains started. The journey started getting beautiful, with the lovely curves. It seemed the straight roads where over now. It where hours of riding in the mountains & then we took a small break.

The journey was unexpectedly turned beautiful & we still knew.. Its just the beginning or not even the start. The views started getting better & better. We could'nt resist taking halts for clicks. Saw a nice bridge connecting two mountains for walking & we returned back to our state of Posergiri..

This two guyz behind us, are from military who later shouted at us for taking photographs in a restricted area

The sun was bidding us bye & the day was turning darker. Riding in mountains for throughout the day for about 150kms, it was not possible for us to reach Manali before it gets darker. We had already decided, wont try and ride in the nights & ensure a safe & stressfree journey.
Hence waited at a place to see the signboard & decided on waiting in Mandi, which is also a real beautiful place. Oh Yeah.. We entered Himachal Pradesh. :)

Mandi was the closest place where we could take a break & more importantly we also had a liability of celebrating Gopi's birthday party. We where doing some inquiry at the Fuel Station, suddenly a guy with pillion came to us & asked us if we where searching for a place to stay. We said YES & told him about the tight budget we have. He took us to a wonderful hill side guest house. It was one of the best place we stayed in the entire journey. I dont remember, but we got this place to stay at mere Rs. 700. Now let me tell you the view around. It was all surrounded with mountains, had a nice open garden terrace where we can have our dinner. This terrace was the part of hotel which was out of the mountain in a floating position. Below was the valley & the river flowing by. All we could hear was the wonderful sound of the stream. VOW.. The place was fantastic. The bike parking was also very nice on the terrace facing the mountains. We all loved it. So now it was a party time. Having a wonderful dinner, with chicken, Rum, cool climate on a terrace over the valley.. What else we could expect.. I thanked God.. Am a Biker..

We wrapped up the things, as we had to reach Manali next morning & get our preparations done for the Leh Journey ahead. So Good Night..!!

Day 6 : 11th June 2009 (Destination : Manali, Distance Covered : 140kms)

In this hotel, luckily this same hotel owner had his hotel also in Manali, so we booked it from here itself & where relieved. All of us where damn excited, as where about to reach another beautiful destination, Manali.
This journey was even better than yesterday. The entire roads & mountains, valleys, river stream passing by was so so wonderful. We knew, the beautiful heaven has just commenced. Not much to say, let the pix do their own talking..

How we could just start without the day pix from our hotel.

our hotel in daylight :)

After a while We saw some wonderful stream passing by so close & thought of waiting there for a while. The climate was so cool & beautiful. We could hardly believe, that we are actually here on our bikes from Mumbai. We thought of sitting by the river bed & cherrishing the moment.

It was also a place for Riverrafting. The current of the river was really strong & excellent scenic.

Treasuring the moment

This flow was with us for almost our entire journey from mandi, manali for 100's of kms

What a nature..

posing is good for health ;)


RTR .. getting high..

Sparkling Zma

Rock hard machine

Prasad online on the move..

Master Winzee

Our own Mr. Gopi..

The river stream was taking us to manali.. it was our escort..
Pix aint over yet...

Finally the lovely river takes us to one of our ultimate destinies.. Manali.. Its a beautiful city.

Filled up with loads & loads of tourists.. specially foreigners. Its truly a fantastic place having all christmas trees around.

Now here we could see a glimpse of the first snow mountain in the life. The feeling was Incredible

We where unable to locate the hotel. Called up the hotel guy & he immediately came to help us out with the direction. Got in the hotel, threw our luggage. We wanted to venture around the place. There where no signs of stress or getting tired on either of our faces.
So we went out, to check out the place, do some shopping in case & most importantly we had to buy the Petrol Cans for carrying the extra fuel after Tandi.

There where some foreigners doing some show on the street for money.. Dont know y.?

This small kid is chopping onion so fast, couldnt see his knife

A nice scale hand made scale model of a bike

We did some shopping of shawls here. Purchased extra cans for petrol. We ended our day with a lovely chicken tandoori as usual. Next day was our first day of the entire endurance journey. Steps to heaven will start tomorrow. We couldnt wait & step on that snow now. We thought of waking up early as to skip the traffic at Rohtang. Next destination was Darcha.
Actual Journey starts tomorrow.

Next : Day 7th (12 June 2009)


  1. Hey rach i can just imagine or visualise this things after reading youur blog,but u actually had feel it.Intially i was not ready for your trip plan but now i feel so proud to describe your journey to people around you hny!!

  2. Thats mind blowing.......!!!!!
    Wheres the rest of the story???

  3. @Pooja thanks pooja for the wonderful comment. It wouldnt had been possible without you.

    @priyashant.. Yeah I will be completing it soon... Thanks for the appreciation mate.

  4. Great journey , Thumbs Up for you guys :)

    Can I get an estimate for expenditure part per person , Will be helpful , Thanks in advance.

  5. Man, I really admire ur love to ride....but ur grammar and English...!!! God...! Couldn't read a single paragraph without that 'Vow'...but still couldn't resist..

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